Say Goodbye To The Stress And Frustration Of Consistently Missing Your Call Center Targets!

Get Your Team Leaders Regularly Hitting (Or Even Exceeding) Their Targets And KPIs Every Month

What is in the video?

  • Why your Team Leaders aren’t regularly hitting their targets and KPIs.
  • Why promoting really good team members as Team Leaders is failing you.
  • How to get back on track and make all that stress and frustration fade away.
  • Key Foundations NEEDED to create amazing Team Leader who CONSISTENTLY hit team goals.

About the Author

Marc Carriere

The creator of the Creating Amazing Team Leaders self paced online course, CEO of Marketing Tactics and founder of yourleadEngine.

He helps Business Owners, CEOs, Senior Executives and Call Center Managers develop a proven, practical training program that up skills their Team Leaders fast, so they CONSISTENTLY reach (or even exceed) Company Goals every month.

With 35 years of worldwide executive experience managing Call Center teams that have won 3 Silver and 3 Gold ‘Ardy’ awards, consulting with businesses mentoring and coaching their Call Center Managers and Team Leaders, providing scores of articles to industry bodies and having owned a call center himself…

Marc is well aware of the difficulties Call Centers face in consistently meeting their targets and KPIs.

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