Level Up Call Center Team Leaders Fast.

Use this practical, proven and easy-to-implement Training Process (developed in the trenches – Not Theory or PowerPoint ‘Fluff’) to Create Amazing Team Leaders Who CONSISTENTLY
Reach (Or Even Exceed) Team Goals Every Month!

Result 1

Team Leaders who clearly understand their role with the practical skills needed to lead their teams to consistently achieve their Targets and KPIs.

Result 2

Reducing the time it takes Team Members to become more productive to lower costs and increase profitability.

Result 3

Finally saying ‘Goodbye’ to the stress and frustration of missing your goals and targets so you can concentrate on other critical areas of the business!

Every person responsible for running a Call Center has the power to say ‘Goodbye’ to the stress and frustration of regularly missing their targets, and finally feel the relief of CONSISTENTLY hitting (or even exceeding) their targets and KPIs every month.

I created this course to impact the lives of as many people as I could by helping them develop their own proven, practical Training Program that creates amazing Team Leaders who Coach, Nurture and Lead Winning Teams!

This knowledge comes from 35 years of worldwide executive experience managing Call Center teams that have won 3 Silver and 3 Gold ‘Ardy’ awards, consulting with businesses mentoring and coaching their Call Center Managers and Team Leaders, providing scores of articles to industry bodies and having owned a call center myself.

Marc Carriere
Your Coach and Mentor

Problems this course will solve:


Call Centers NOT CONSISTENTLY hitting their Targets and KPIs.


Team Leaders with little to no training or the skills needed to lead their teams to regularly meet (or even exceed) their Targets and KPIs every month.


Team Leaders who don’t effectively manage or coach their teams cause unnecessary stress and frustration, harm the Brand, Increase Costs and Lower Profitability.


Promoting really good front line staff as Team Leaders only to find they aren’t suited for the role, then having to replace them and losing a great operator in the process!


Myth 1: Really good team members make the best Team Leaders.

Although it seems logical that someone who was really good on the phone should be able to share their skills with anyone; the reality is most successful operators don’t really know how they do what they do – they just do it, it comes naturally to them. And because it just comes naturally to them – they find it really difficult to explain what they do that makes them so successful.

The other problem they can have is aside from knowing how to make or handling calls, a Team Leader’s role requires learning a whole new range of skills – Leadership, Motivation, Coaching, Management and People Skills.

Myth 2: Team Leaders must be ‘Subject Matter Experts’.

Some senior managers believe Team Leaders must be subject matter experts, and restrict those they promote as Team Leaders to those with subject matter expertise. The problem is these Team Leaders believe their knowledge is the key to leadership, and by simply providing answers they are helping the team.

And, as a result (reinforced by their promotion) they see their ‘expert’ knowledge and simply sharing it as the focus of their role, which makes them less likely to coach team members in different areas and ways to help them improve, as it will lessen their authority.

The sad thing is by restricting selection based on being a subject matter expert actually creates a trap that prevents managers from recruiting externally or promoting a team member with obvious leadership qualities and potential. This often leads those with real potential moving on because they feel it could take years to acquire the ‘subject matter expertise’ needed to gain promotion.

Myth 3: Call Center Managers have the Skill Set and Time to train Team Leaders.

The inconvenient truth is that most Team Leaders, especially newly promoted ones, aren’t given the training and support they need to become amazing leaders. That’s a fact.

Typically, this is because most Call Center Managers had been promoted from the Team Leader ranks (where they never really learned the necessary Team Leader skills to begin with) and were often selected on tenure, rather than ability.

And because they don’t have a Team Leader training process to rely on they tend to provide ad hoc training on what they’ve picked up along the way, or simply shy away from any training or coaching altogether.

Myth 4: Team Leaders have the time to develop their teams.

Team Leaders are usually very hardworking, however when you have a close look at what they actually do on a day to day basis it’s clear that much of their day (50 to 70%) is spent on administration tasks, which leaves very little time for training and coaching team members to improve performance.

Couple this with a lack of confidence in understanding how to identify and resolve the performance problems their team is having, Team Leaders tend to shy away from training and coaching using handling administration tasks as their excuse.

As a result, team members become disengaged with the lack of time they receive from their Team Leader coaching and developing them, which is one contributor to high attrition rates in call centers.

Myth 5: Only large companies benefit from developing Team Leaders.

It doesn’t matter how many Team Leaders you have or how many people are in a team. What matters most is how productive your team members are each and every week.

Productivity and profit in call centers are measured hourly and it doesn’t matter how big you are; what matters most is that your team is more productive and profitable. Let’s face it… if your call center team isn’t productive, they won’t be profitable regardless of the size of your team or how many Team Leaders you have.

As long as you have one team being led by a Team Leader that leader needs to understand their role and have the skills needed to get the best out of their team so they can consistently hit their targets and KPIs every month.

Here what others have to say about working with Marc…

Finally hitting our numbers!!

Now that our Team Leaders have the skills and tools needed to lead their teams more effectively, we are hitting our numbers and going from strength to strength.

Kevin Sharp


Results are what counts.

Marc’s training is a mix of foundation and cutting edge modules allowing any company’s training to be the very best in its field. It’s easy to understand and has a proven track record with actual results!

Matthew Saunders

Executive Manager, Sales Strategy

Marc is an outstanding Mentor…

who knows how to develop leaders to reach their potential. He is encouraging, supportive and his wise counsel in the nuances of leadership is second to none. I will always be grateful for his guidance in helping me achieve my goals, which allowed me to assist my staff achieve their goals.

Julie Cox

Operations Manager


Skill #1: How to Prepare Your Framework for Success

Those responsible for the success of their Call Centers know what they want, but find their goals aren’t often aligned with the goals and aspirations of their Team Leaders and team members. You will learn how to bring Clarity and Deep Understanding of your combined Purpose, and the reasons why you all want to continuously reach (or even exceed) your monthly targets and KPIs.

Skill #2: Identify Key Traits, Characteristics and Practices of Amazing Team Leaders

Team Leaders are the backbone of any call center operation. They supervise and lead your most valuable assets – your team members. For this reason it is CRITICAL you have the ‘right’ people in these roles because the wrong person will seriously harm their team!

You will learn how to identify the Key Traits, Characteristics and Practices of amazing Team Leaders to score against your existing leaders to address any gaps, or use to score future candidates when adding a new Team Leader to ensure you get the right person to begin with.

Skill #3: Getting Team Leaders to EFFECTIVELY manage their time

You will obtain this skill through Lessons and Tools that provide the structure and accountability to ensure Team Leaders are spending the time needed to effectively manage and lead their teams – especially under performers!

Skill #4: Developing Coachable Call Structures

The biggest reason stopping team members from effectively handling inbound or outbound calls is not understanding ALL the steps they need to follow (in the proper call sequence) when handling calls. And, because there isn’t a clear format to follow; it’s extremely hard for them to succeed, and for Team Leaders to ‘zero in’ on problem areas and coach team members on how to easily fix them.

Skill #5: The best way to train Call Monitoring and Scoring

You’ll discover an easily to use and customize Scoring Tool that Team Leaders will love to use for monitoring and scoring team members’ calls to identify areas to praise and deficiencies they can correct with feedback and coaching sessions.

Skill #6: How to best provide Corrective and Nurturing Feedback

One of the most important activities Team Leaders need to highly proficient in is providing constructive and corrective feedback to team members. Done correctly team members will really listen and take feedback on board and act on it. Done poorly it causes resentment and closed minds. With the Lessons and Resources provided you’ll learn how to train Team Leaders on how to best provide corrective and nurturing feedback that will have team members coming back for more!

Skill #7: Conducting Team Leader and Team Member Skills Audits

Regularly conducting skills audits is vital for both Call Center Managers and Team Leaders to identify skill deficiencies with their respective teams. With the Lessons and Templates for conducting Skills Audits on both Team Leaders and their team members, you’ll be able to quickly and clearly identify areas where not only do Team Leaders need to improve but also their team members to regularly hit monthly targets and KPIs.

Skill #8: Creating Coaching Roadmaps for Team Leaders and Team Members

The best thing about developing a Coaching Plans, whether for Team Leaders or team members, after conducting a skills audit is the confidence gained from both Team Leaders and team members knowing there is a systematic approach that addresses skills deficiencies with a Coaching Plan as soon as possible.

With the Lessons and Templates provided for developing Team Leader and Team Member Coaching Plans you’ll learn how to create clear roadmaps for training and coaching sessions that rectify staff deficiencies as quickly as possible.

Here’s what you get…

MODULE ONE: Preparing Your Framework for Success

Lessons and Resources that bring Clarity and Deep Understanding of your Purpose and the reasons why you and your team members want to achieve continued and sustained success.

MODULE TWO: Pillar 1 - Amazing Team Leaders

Lessons and Resources to identify the Key Traits, Characteristics and Practices of amazing Team Leaders to get the right person to begin with, who clearly Understands Their Role and Responsibilities.

MODULE THREE: Pillar 2 – Effective Time Management

Lessons and Tools that provide the structure and accountability to ensure Team Leaders are spending the time needed each day to effectively manage and lead their teams – especially under performers!

MODULE FOUR: Pillar 3 – Coachable Call Structures

Lessons and Tools for creating easy to follow Call Structures with the right steps and proper sequence to follow that are easy for Team Leaders to coach team members on to increase their success.

MODULE FIVE: Pillar 4 – Call Monitoring and Scoring

Easily and effectively Monitor and Score of team members’ calls with an easy-to-customize Scoring Tool that identifies areas to praise, and deficiencies that need to be corrected with further individual training.

MODULE SIX: Pillar 5 – Providing Effective Feedback

Lessons and Resources for effectively providing corrective and nurturing feedback that identify positive aspects of calls to praise and deficiencies Team Leaders can work on with team members.

MODULE SEVEN: Pillar 6 – Skills Audits

Lessons and Templates for conducting Team Leader and Team Member Skills Audits to identify those areas Managers and Team Leaders need to focus on to get the most out of their team.

MODULE EIGHT: Pillar 7 – Coaching Plans

Lessons and Templates for developing Team Leader and Team Member Coaching Plans outlining coaching roadmaps for areas of improvement, who delivers coaching and when its delivered.


Easily customized Resources, Tools and Templates for Call Center Managers and Team Leaders to use to lead their teams to regularly achieve (or even exceed) their monthly Targets and KPIs AND The 7 Pillars For Creating Amazing Team Leaders Workbook.


15 Bonus Micro Training Videos covering: 3 Traits You Must Find When Hiring Team Leaders, 15 Essential Habits of Amazing Team Leaders, How Managers and Team Leaders Can Improve Feedback Practices AND MANY MORE!

Create A Better Future!

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  • This course is for people frustrated they can’t get the performance from their team they should be getting, and stressed their team isn’t consistently reaching its KPIs.
  • This course is for people who are sick and tired of missing targets every month because their teams aren’t being managed effectively by Team Leaders.
  • This course is for people who want a proven, practical and easy-to-implement Team Leader Training Process that creates amazing Team Leaders who clearly understand their role and have the practical skills and resources needed to lead their teams to CONSISTENTLY achieve (or even exceed) monthly targets.


  • This course is NOT for anyone unwilling to invest the time and energy to develop a proven training process for creating amazing Team Leaders.
  • This course is NOT for anyone who is lazy, unaccountable or time wasters just wanting to tick a box to keep their boss off their backs for the Call Centers ongoing poor performance.
  • This course is NOT for anyone happy with the status quo and who thinks things will eventually get figured out without having to do anything different.
  • This course is NOT anyone who 100% believes that they’re not going to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Be Able To Do At The End Of This Course?

You should be able to use all the lessons, resources and tools in this course to create your own customized Team Leader Training Program as either a standalone training program or include them in your exiting training programs. And, confidently deliver it!

How Long Can I Access This Course For?

You have unlimited access to the Course, all Resources/Tools and Micro Training Videos for 6 Months from the date you enrolled.

Do I Need Any Special Technology or Technical Skills To Customize The Resources, Tools and Templates?

Not at all! All the resources, tools and templates have been created in either Word, Excel or as a PDF to make sure they were easy to customize, so as long as you can use these common programs, you’ll be fine.

Is The Course Available Across Multiple Platforms?

Yes, the course has been designed to be accessed through mobile, tablets and desktops.

What If I Have Technological Difficulties Or Need To Speak With Someone?

You shouldn’t really, but if you do have any technical difficulties or would like to speak with me… simply send me an email (mcarriere@marketingtactics.net.au) and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Better yet… add Laser Coaching when you Check Out and get unlimited 15 minute Zoom calls with me for the duration of the course!

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